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Abbey F.

“I’ve used the Beauty Cookbook system for 4 weeks now and it’s completely changed my skin.  Knowing what to do with my skin and keeping on track of my progress has never been easier.”

Abbey F.
Rachel C.

“The Beauty Cookbook has saved me thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary or expensive beauty products.  It’s well worth the investment and much more. Thanks Beauty Cookbook.”

Rachel C.

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In this Beauty Cookbook You Will Discover...

  • Active Ingredients

    Beauty Cookbook will teach you what active ingredients to look for on your beauty products.  You will start seeing the same active ingredients over and over again and understand how they affect your skin type.  We will teach you how to recreate them at home, saving you the cost of buying some of the more expensive beauty products.

  • Beauty Recipes

    With the Beauty Cookbook, you will discover several recipes for latest DIY beauty products.  The best part is that they are all categorized by skin type so you can make the recipes that are relevant for you. Cut the chemicals and the cost with these easy to follow recipes for all-natural beauty products.

  • Get Gorgeous Beauty Routine

    In Beauty Cookbook you will find our “Get Gorgeous Beauty Routine.” This routine will get you up and out the door in one hour flat, from the moment you open your eyes to the minute you polish off your power breakfast.  We believe habits equal results.

  • Skinventory Guide

    Find out what your skin type is and how to give it some love.We’ve all seen makeup, lotions, and washes with descriptions like “recommended for combination skin.” Combination of what? Descriptions of skin types are vague at best, giving you little help in deciding which treatments and products to use.

  • Beauty Myth Busting

    Beauty Cookbook provides 10 Myth Busters that unearth common tales that you may have heard over the years. An example would be determining if you need balanced skin versus clean skin.  They are both very different and Beauty Cookbook lets you know which one is most important for you skin type to maintain your best looking skin.

  • You Are What You Eat

    As you know, beauty starts from the inside. The beauty industry wants us to believe that the key to flawless skin is stocking our medicine cabinets with expensive topical products packed with harmful chemicals. The simple truth is that if you fill your body with the right food, you’ve won half the battle. Proper nutrition will improve the look of your skin and keep you looking beautiful FOR GOOD.

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"Looking your best self is about taking care of yourself and forming solid beauty habits." - Karen Chen

Buy Now For Only $47
Buy Now For Only $47

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