10 Simple Steps to Make Your New Habit Stick


You decide to try something new–running two miles every morning, an all-vegan diet, or filing every email as it comes in. Fast forward to two weeks later, and your air-tight resolution is a thing of the past. Why  is it so hard to stick to things that we think we’ve put our minds to? Contrary…

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Want To Look Better? Try Living Like a Caveman

paleo indians

The so-called “Paleo Diet” has become increasingly popular in the last few years. So, what is it all about? In a nutshell, the Paleo Diet is eating like humans used to back when we were cavemen (yes, WAY back when). If a caveman couldn’t hunt it, fish it, or find it growing naturally, then it…

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5 Surprising Benefits of Sleep


Who doesn’t love sleep? Sometimes there’s no better feeling than hitting that snooze button in the morning, but getting those important 8 hours of rest can help your body in ways you may have never thought of. Check out these 5 added benefits of shuteye from Health.com.   1. Improve Memory Our vivid dreams let…

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10 Foods That Will Keep You Hydrated and Healthy


We all know that our bodies are about 75% water, so staying hydrated is extremely important. The standard recommendation is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but some days that can be a pretty tall order to fill. If you don’t feel like chugging water at your desk all day, you can try…

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