Beauty Cookbook Affiliate Program

75% CommissionOn each sale of ALL of the Beauty Cookbook products

Sign up for the Beauty Cookbook Affiliates program and help market (and profit from) the best beauty program on the web.

By becoming a Beauty Cookbook affiliate, you can help promote good beauty routines in the lives of thousands of people while earning a handsome 75% commission for every sale that you refer. Whether you already work with affiliate marketing programs or not, Beauty Cookbook has a great product that has the answers for the questions so many people are asking about beauty, skin, and great hair.

What we have is a great product for you to market. All you have to do is create some affiliate links on your website or in your email campaigns and let the product sell itself as the word gets out. You'll feel good about pointing others to a beauty and health program that is proven to work. You'll feel even better when you get money in the bank.

We have a whole toolbox of things that will help you market: articles, online tools, marketing tips and product information. With all this support, how could you go wrong? 🙂

For those who don't know, affiliates are people who have online resources such as web sites, blogs, social networking, or email lists that use part or all of what they have to promote products and services. In return for sales referrals (i.e. visitors who click your link to get to Beauty Cookbook and then make a purchase), you get paid a commission. Presently, the rate is an amazing 75% of the sale!

It doesn't cost a thing to become a Beauty Cookbook affiliate, so go ahead and sign up. With some well placed links, you can have a new stream of income.

To Your Beauty And Health,


Affiliates can refer inquiries to is the facilitator of the Beauty Cookbook affiliate's program. If you already have a Clickbank account from participation in a different affiliate program, you will be able to enroll in the Beauty Cookbook program from your Clickbank login (you don’t need to make a new account). Affiliates that are new to Clickbank will have to create a new Clickbank account in order to participate in the Beauty Cookbook program. Either way, affiliates are encouraged to sign up for the Beauty Cookbookr affiliates email list so that you can stay up to date with our program and possible additions or changes. We will give you tips on how to market the e-book so that you can have the best chance at earning serious revenue.

Once you press the button to submit your subscription, check your inbox for a message asking you to confirm your action. Before your subscription goes into effect, you will have to click the link in the message you receive to activate it. Should you not find the email in question check your spam folder or firewall to make sure that email from our domain can get through. If necessary, add our domain to the safe sender list so that you can get your subscription as well as any updates.


The purpose of all these materials is essentially the same but we have provided different formats to provide you with a wider variety of materials to test and use during your promotion of our products. Please remember that you will need to include your affiliate tracking code when loading these materials onto Aweber, Twitter, etc. to ensure you are credited for every sale.