5 Surprising Benefits of Sleep


Who doesn’t love sleep? Sometimes there’s no better feeling than hitting that snooze button in the morning, but getting those important 8 hours of rest can help your body in ways you may have never thought of. Check out these 5 added benefits of shuteye from Health.com.


1. Improve Memory


Our vivid dreams let us know that our brains are still very active even during sleep. You can also strengthen your memories or practice things that you learned when you were awake. In other words, you can learn new skills better if you have gotten some good rest the night before.


2. Ignite Creativity


In addition to strengthening your memories,  your sleeping brain also reorganizes and restructures them, increasing your ability to be creative. Research also shows that sleep can help increase the emotional associations with memories, making them more conducive to creative incarnations.

3. Increase Attention Span


Not catching enough Z’s can result in ADD-like symptoms when you are awake. Children that don’t get enough sleep often exhibit symptoms of hyperactivity, inattention, and poor impulse control.

4. Reaching Your Goal Weight


Research has shown that well-reseted dieters lose about 50% more weight than those who are sleep-deprived. Subjects in the study also reported feeling less hungry when they had gotten a full night’s sleep.

5. Relieve Stress


Sleep and stress levels go hand in hand. Try getting an extra hour a night if you are facing a deadline or planning a big event–it can reduce your blood pressure and help you get through the stressful period unscathed.